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About Us

Welcome to the TV2Africa Portal


TV2Africa is an OTT platform which is built for content owners such as content providers, production houses, broadcasters and communities which want to broadcast their content through internet. TV2Africa is available on a Web browser and Mobile App (Google PlayStore and Apple Store) which can be installed by users everywhere.

 TV2Africa service consists of several services such as Live Streaming (TV & Radio), Video on Demand (VoD) and Data Analytics, which opens opportunities for content owners to monetize their content on their own operated channel. 

TV2Africa features the following:

1. Support multiple VoD model consist of :

a. AVoD (Advertising VoD)

b. TVoD (Transcational VoD)

c. SVoD (Subscription VoD)

d. Free content

2. Dashboard with real time analytics detail to analyze customer behavior.

3. Secure Media Asset Management to ensure safe content distribution.

4. Efficient video compression which provides best user experience in terms of video quality and data consumption while watching video or audio stream.


 TV2Africa is the right OTT platform in distribute your content.  For information you can send an email or visit our website for more detail.



 -TV2Africa team-